The adventure is out there!

Sometimes we have to go out of our comfortable-zone, think different, expand our horizons and take an unexpected decision. I did it all!

I admit that my life was pretty easy: living with parents without problems spinning in my head, no bills to pay, no university, no boyfriend but I was living day by day without have a clue of what to do or what to expect from my life. What I was doing to myself?
Only wasting precious time between laziness and general dissatisfaction, because that is not exactly what everyone has in mind for a 20-year-old.

Then…a METANOIA!!! It is a Greek-origin word that means the journey of changing one’s mind and, for me, that journey began with the best decision I took so far: start travelling!

Flying over Italian Alps

My path had origin the 5th of January 2015 with destination in Cardiff, Wales. I still remember the excitement that slowly grew in me once I realised that I finally picked up my life for change it, but, also the fear of not succeeding was high. My mind in that period was full of negativity maybe for the bad result of my test: that didn’t give me the chance to start the university, the same that I would probably have hated later on because Italian society imposes you to do so, no matter if you really want it or not! That was a dark part of my life, maybe because I had just broke up with my first boyfriend -not to mention how many first things- I lost touch with almost all the ‘outside’ world; I lost a family member and probably also the motivation to woke up every single day with determination.

Well, stay high and always think positive because: I DID IT!
I took the flight from Bergamo with my 2 heavy luggage ignoring how that flight would change my life
The few things that I knew were: my host-family’s name and the school’s location.
I had to stay with a family that the girl on the mail said was ‘one of the best we have’ and I was so lucky to confirm it! Ok, I have to say that the accommodation/house/family or however where are you going to stay is a key factor to fully enjoy your experience and make it perfect or to forget. I do remember about all the complains other girls talk me about…as loud family, barking dogs, poor meals and very small bedrooms. I completely understand the difficulties of whom have to cope, every single day, with a situation not easy like having to stay with the wrong person; but as I said before, for me was quite easy. Live with my host-family requires no efforts. Anyway be versatile is everything while travelling and even if most of my friends will see me as the perfectionist who loves tidiness, luxurious venue, designer clothes and expensive food…if now I am where I am, I owe that all to my being adaptable and definitely not like they thought!
I estimated that I had to take a little while to settle down in the new city and atmosphere, so after few days also my school adventure started. I did 6 months of English school because my grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation were so poor at the beginning that I had to start almost from the basis. The first few weeks my speeches were essentially based on Yes/No/Maybe! Now I can barely remember that time and I’m so proud, I’ve to say to be the first supporter of myself!
I’m keep going with learning English every single day and also this blog ( that I choose to edit all in English) will be my personal little victory.
My hard work

I proved myself that I was the strong and independent woman I always wanted to be!

I figured out how to chat with local (not to be taken for granted, when you don’t know the language!), I did my first job interview, I had a part-time job in a takeaway restaurant, I slept on Stonehenge’s grass, I saw 5 roommates going back home and I took my English language certificate with a C1 level. Not to mention how friendly and open-minded I become with all the new great people I met there. Breaking all social and ethnic boundaries, in a fantastic mixture of culture and knowledge.

From the last August I did so many changes that nothing apart of METANOIA can describe. I change my way to be, my way to act, my way to see the world, I CHANGED!

 I took a Disney’s phrase << The adventure is out there>> as my first title’s post because I think it ardently, I though my life was empty and without an apparent meaning but, as I first started travelling everything took sense, my days were full and I was happy as never before. It is full of poets, writers and thinker that say how travel can change your life…I never understood them, after 1 year, I DO.
So this is the suggestion I want to give to you that are reading through my first post on my travel blog: EXPLORE. Not perforce booking a trip to the other cape of the world, start with yourself because if you are stuck in a life that you don’t like and doesn’t belong to you, sorry for saying that but, the fault is just yours. Take control of your life.

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