A luggage. 

_I will call this post a short eulogy for my suitcase, because at the end, it is serving and following me everywhere, call me mad, call me crazy but also my luggage needs note. Thank you Luggy_

While I was ready to come back in Ireland it comes to my mind that it is never been difficult for me prepare over and over again my suitcase. Maybe because since my 8th birthday mum and dad start living 60km away and so, it also begin my package sort of life style. I used to have double house, double makeup and double wardrobe: one full of cloths with my mum and one with the indispensable at my father ‘s house but then, going through the years, I almost stopped having clothes at my dad’s place…I all the time wanted the only thing I had in the other home -damn human being that always want what he doesn’t have!- so I decided to take back and forth a luggage with me.

By this time I started realising the importance of a luggage. At the beginning was just about the right books with me in order to study and some good clothes to go out with my friends, but then, it started to be really really more once I commenced travel far away and longer than just few days. Everything inure me so well that now package for 2000km is easy even if it doesn’t seems and sounds. In a luggage I don’t put just clothes, shoes and cameras but at the end I carry with me all the time my memories, what I did before, what I am going to do, my dreams.

A luggage means a lot or maybe nothing; escape or pander what you want and…it all depends on you.


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