How to plan a trip 

Decide where to go and when is kind of easy matter but how about planning the entire trip? Well, I do know that I’m the over-planning type of traveler, but at the end in a right manner! I cannot start a trip without knowing what to see and do, but I can cope well with unexpected events and free time too!

With these steps I want to help you in a future better travel planning, let’s start!!

~Your first concerns before travelling should be:
– destination (sure enough!)
– how to travel
– set a budget
Why are those basilar?


Even if it seems silly, choose a DESTINATION is not so easy, I’m most of the time just fascinated by entire countries, so narrow it down to an area of your interest and then you’ll find out by yourself which place is going to be the best for you, maybe the capital city or maybe a small village in the middle of nowhere. From this moment, you can decide all the displacements of your trip, just take in mind that probably from a little city transports could be bad and scarce. GOOGLE your dream destination thus you can easily see what the main sights are!


TRANSPORTS are a big deal while travelling, for this reason start thinking quite ahead how to do it. Planes require to be booked at least 6/8 weeks before or they can become a real money pit! Use KAYAK or SKYSCANNER for cheap flight comparison.


Because there is nothing more annoying that splurge while you are in vacation, set a travel budget before your trip and then: the real planning can begin!


Depending on how much your budget is going to be the accommodations could change from: hotels, b&b, hostel and so on… Typing on Internet you will find plenty of different sites but my best advice is to choose those who compare prices because for the same room there are different costs on several sites. I found out, in my personal experience, that these are the best: TRIVAGO , HOTELSCOMBINED, KAYAK.

For the one of you that wants to travel on a budget a little bit of adaptation’s spirit is required! Anyway there are different solution also for save some money as: AIRBNB and HOMESTAY allows to contact host that for (sometimes) very good price gives you not only a room, share room or entire house, but also lot of company and good suggestions by natives! (I did try it just few weeks ago and I’m more than glad, my host was so nice and the house very cosy)

HOSTELWORLD if you’re looking for share rooms, even single rooms are cheaper than hotels and most of the time you are in contact with more people and traveller instead of posh and cold 5 stars accommodations.

COUCHSURFING is not only a good platform to make new friends and give suggestion but also a FREE site for accommodation. Host can provide entire room, shared room or a sofa/couch in the living room in their house. My recommendation for this site is: search for an host as soon as possible because I find the messaging service very very slow! It took almost 2 weeks in the best case to receive back an answer.

For the one of you that are still more adventurous there are so many different sites from: MINDMYHOUSE and HOUSESITTER were for free you receive FREE accommodation and local people/place in return for home, pet or garden care; WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms ) it requires an online registration fee, all around 25/40€ depending on where do you want to stay. You receive free accommodation and also a pocket money weekly for 5/6 hours of work daily with 1/2 days off.

all done actually!!

I’ll put another point, but is only a guide for who, like me, wants to know what to do ahead and start an intense planning…here you are!

~What to do?

TRIPADVISOR and GOOGLE will show you the most visited and important sights of the city, but I’m searching all the time also for HIDDEN GEMS! Don’t stand still on great landmarks, go deeper, PINTEREST will help you, easily digit “secret spots” followed by the name of the city or “hidden gems”,exactly.
Anyhow the Internet is full of information and sites that will help you in any part of your travel’s plan, don’t over-plan and remember to enjoy your stay and remember that:
You must lose yourself to find yourself.

The adventure is out there!


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