Today…is a day as all the others I keep saying to myself, or maybe not. After few years I start thinking that the effect of this day could, indeed, have influenced my actual life, so far. Where I will be presently? Probably not here.

I have never been the type that escapes, I always thought it was cowardly. I never missed a test at school, an argument or a difficulty in life. But….I did it when I wasn’t able to cope with my routine, I wasn’t able to bear common places and your absence was too much.
Hence, I break free once.

It is easy to read, over and over again, on the Internet how the people we meet in our lifetime, for good or bad they were, they tend to model us and our life. Very, very true, although, sometimes is hard to admit it but especially when you suffered, the best way to heal is to give the right importance to people, all of them, from the best to the worse.

Today, an important day, I’ve to say: thank to you, the only one that gave me the strength to go away, not only from my family and friends but also from what I thought were my certainties but I realised were anything but castle in air. If I’m where I’m now, if I’m the person I’m now…it is because of YOU.

Thank to you, I know what life I crave! Therefore I will never let anyone stop me now…

You gave me so much, even if you took the best time of my life, even if I suffered.
You gave me what I’m at this moment: a crazy dreamers, almost too much.

I’ve big, huge, gigantic plans! Start the university in Ireland, for how much is going to be difficult doing a school not even in your mother tongue; travel to the 196 world’s countries (183 to go!); experience new culture and have friends world wide; be in the tourism industry or at least travel for work, not work for travel; be hostess on planes or employee on a cruise ship for a period; do some volunteering abroad. Maybe, after all, find a place where I truly belong.
DREAMER, don’t you think?

Well, I was only a little and naive girl, grown up with all the comfort, without so much expectations and probably with a flat, dull life ahead.

Watch me now!
I’m strong as I never been, perhaps nearly invulnerable, facing an unexpected day-by-day life based all on myself, and I’m not missing anything.

Just you, sometimes.


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