24 hours in San Sebastián/Donostia

Here I am to my first: 24 hours blog posts! So excited!!

24 hours is not exactly much time to spend visiting a new city, but, if you want to make ends meet is the perfect way not to spend too much money and see more places in short term travels; naturally if you’re like me that I always find myself with too much days at the end of my money instead of the contrary! (Welsh humor time!!)

I fall in love with San Sebastian and if you are going tot visit it, you will soon understand what I’m talking about: shiny sands, crystal clear water, walkable distance sights, great panoramic spots and tasty, yummy pintxos! San Sebastian is an easy city to walk along, all the best place are sited around San Sebastian’s beaches: Playa la Concha & Playa de Ondarreta, at whose center is situated Miramar Place, and at the two ends Parte Vieja (old part) with Monte Urgull and in the other the Combs of the wind and Monte Igeldo.

How to spend 24 hours in San Sebastian:

Because I’m travelling solo, I don’t really like to arrive in my destination by night and look after my hostel -also because my orientation through maps is so bad that I always lose myself  at least twice- whereas I prefer arrive in the first hours of the morning stroll around a bit and be at the hostel for the check-in time (always around 11-12). For convenience, I will start the list as you arrived the night before and slept in the place, anyway, the list is applicable at whatever hours, just change the time. Easy peasy!

8.00 – Wake up

If you’re staying in a busy hostel with shared bathroom pay attention to the time, be farseeing, sometimes you’ll be the only one taking shower; some others you will find yourself waiting so badly for the bathroom! Wake up early and get a good breakfast, you’ll have time to relax while you engross yourself in the city atmosphere.

9.00 -Follow the Rio Urumea

Puente de Zurriola

I found really nice and characteristic walking next to the river, from Puente de Maria Cristina, just beside the bus and train station, until Puente Zurriola where you can admire the North Atlantic Ocean.

10.00 -Parte Vieja

San Telmo Museum

Go inside the city and visit the Old Part where you can find the Tourist information center, La Bretxa which is the Market of San Sebastian, Plaza de la Constitucion, Iglesia de Santa Maria and San Telmo Museum, museum of Basque history, art and photography (free entrance on Tuesday!!) In all Spain Museums have a free entrance day, ask before visit.

12.00 -Climb Mont Urgull

From the previous photo of the Museum you can see that there are stairs, I really liked start hiking the Urgull from there, up, up to Castillo De la Mota, English cemetery and Parc Urgull where you’ll fall in love the first time with the amazing view of San Sebastian.

14.00 -Pintoxs time!

IMG_9095.JPGTxalupa Pintxos Bar

Most of the place you’ll find in San Sebastian are like this one: open bar with lots of different “finger food”; you order your drink, take what you like while the waitress count the pintxos you took, and so on!

15.00 -Town Hall & Parque

Really impressive this majestic Town Hall, with his garden just in front and such an amazing foreshortening of San Sebastián’s beaches. I took a very good day, so I couldn’t resist… I touched the sand and the freezing sea, take a bit of time for chill out on the beach!!

17.00 -Palacio Miramar


Now a Music’s school, is a great spot to have a good panoramic view of San Sebastian from its central area, moreover is so relaxing being there during the music session. Music with view!

18.00 -Mont Igeldo


Continuing towards Mont Igeldo you can take the Funicular (1,75€ ida-one way; 3,15€ ida y vuelta-roundtrip) or climbing but the street is really bad because there is not a proper sidewalk so you’re on this small narrow double sense road- not really safe. Mont Igeldo is the higher point so…the view is just breath-taking! I don’t really suggest this place during weekend days because Mont Igeldo is also the home of the Fun Park with different attraction spread all over the mountain and is open only on Saturday and Sunday.


My suggestion is to head back to the Old Part because is over there the big concentration of bar and night life. Maybe have other Pintxos or a proper meal, but remember that San Sebastian is the touristic destination par excellence, the prices are really high!



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