In my honest opinion I realised that the city’s name comes before the city itself!

Let me explain: I appreciate my stay in BCN but, for me, it is overrated. Everybody in the world knows Parque Guell, Barcelona’s beaches and the genial and complex Gaudi’s architectures, nothing to say about that, indeed you can only feel in awe when you are right in front of the majestic Sgrada Familia but yet I found out it was kind of disappointed.

It is such a big city that 2 days are not enough to see the main sights in point of fact in the video you’ll just see: the Magic Fountain of Montjuic, Park Guell, Sgrada Familia, Casa Batllo & Montserrat.


Magic FountainCheck the timetable for the show if you want to see it because is different during the year based on the season.

Park Guell/Safrada Familia/Casa BatlloBuy the ticket online, you’ll skip the queue and save little money.

Montserrat– GO ONLY WITH GOOD WEATHER! Seriously it sounds silly, but don’t do my same mistake. Montserrat is a sanctuary on the top of a mountain, if the weather is bad beneath, it’s only going to be worst above. The best option to reach it is by car, anyway with one change and 2 train plus few minutes walking you can arrive at its slope where you can choose between cable car or train (the cable car was 10 € round trip…extremely expensive for 3 minutes but the view it is worth it).

Enjoy the video!

The adventure us out there!



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