I got lost!


This was my plan. EASY isn’t it?!

Well… travels, life and mistakes teach you the hard lesson: things don’t always go according to plans! learn it fast and you’ll never be disappointed again…!

I really took it easy, to be honest, way too easy. I thought my few mountain hiking were enough to cope with 3 hours walking and a difference in height of 800mt. What do you want it to be?!?

Shame that I didn’t considered the weather and any kind of mishap and my complete inexperience in map reading…so: I GOT LOST. Not even once but twice!

Turban is the way

I probably took the hottest day of May in Basque country with just blue sky and blazing yellow sun above me, not a single puffy, fluffy white cloud in all that blue. In a point I wore my top as a turban in order to ‘escape’ from the roasting sun, not to mention how fast I run out of my 2l of water.

At the end it took me 6 hours walking, hiking and sweating plus 30 min cycling (from my home to the entrance of the park and back) to see from distance Gorbea’s top.


Yeah, I didn’t reach my goal, I get frustrated twice when I lost the path and I didn’t know were I was… but you know what? I pushed myself to the limit and I realise when I had to stop. Good Gaia! Proud f myself. (I could reach the summit but then during the descent I just would have been wrecked moreover it was already 19 in the evening and go back alone in the dark in mountain is never a good idea).

Aproud Gaia!

Setting aside my little inconvenient I spent such a splendid day in Gorbea Natural Park! Waterfalls, huge forest, countless animals such as snakes, cows, horses, goats, birds and myriad of insect- for my happinesssss, I’m disgusted from them.

So… what are you waiting for?!?


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The adventure is out there!


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