What happened?!? 

It is been a long long time since my last blog’s post (dated 30 June!!), I am so sorry! 

What happened?!? 

One of my dreams came true!

The 22nd of August I received an email from CAO (the application office for universities in Ireland) telling me that I received an offer from NUI Galway. I was been taken!!! 

NOW I’m officially an art student of Geography and Spanish at NUIG! 

I did not have too much time to realise I was in, that I had to leave home because of a compulsory introduction week to the academic year. So, in less then 4 days I had all my life packed in my luggage, ready to leave alone, again, for a new terrific experience.
I can tell that I was scared, for real, this time. How I was supposed to do the university in Ireland?!? When I did not even feel ready for a night course on eggs cooking for “elderly”, at the time.

But you know what?? 
Don not let other people beliefs stop you from achieve what you desire or worst, do not give people the power to say you cannot do something. Just take time to yourself and decide either they were right or wrong.  I just lost the count of how many people told me:

It would not be easy start after 2 years! It will be so hard!

…Still, with my poor English, with my bad organisation skills and terrible time management: I am alive at week 10 and on top of all my subjects (ok, ok…I have a week delay in a Geography assignment! But it’s not my fault, maths and numbers do not collaborate with me!).

Nevertheless, it is not been all easy. 
The documentation needed for my application it is been a nightmare! Documents over documents over other documents! The biggest problems were: the language, timing and the grades conversion. 
I had all my Italian documents translated by an official translator registered at the city hall, then signed and certified. But then, again, they asked for certified copies of each documents so, I get my paper certified, AGAIN. It is not finished…
Furthermore, in Ireland the living certificate (high school diploma) is totally different from the Italian one, as we get a single grade on a scale of a hundred while, here, the diploma is a number made out from the sum of all the grades, reaching 600 as maximum. 

Then…drums roll! I had to certify I was Italian (?!?!?) in order to get the exception from Irish (subject that is compulsory in Ireland).
Last but not least, the time wasn’t enough. Bureaucracy takes forever in Italy so I had to get an extended term to provide all the documentation. 

That was the process.Yeah, hard times. 
Is not been easy. Not to talk about the SUSI grant!!! 

Anyway, one more time: I DID IT! 

I did al necessary and now I am completely immersed in my university life. I go to all my lectures, I restarted both volleyball and swimming, I am the auditor of the Italian Society of the university and I frequent also other societies. Say that I feel complete is not enough. 

I live in an amazing city were I feel at “home”; I have Irish, French, Spanish friends,just to mention some; I have a warm place and good food at my place; I’m active as never before… 
What could I ask more?!?

The adventure is out there…


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