Gaia who?

2015-11-19 10.53.29
Torc Waterfall, Killarney, Ireland
Now that you landed on my blog, it’s time to answer some basic questions you might have!
(If not…why are you still on my blog?? REMEMBER: never waste your time doing something you don’t like; not even a second!)

-Who am I? 

I’m an Italian girl who is studying Geography and Spanish at the National University of Ireland in Galway, namely, in this awesome country that is called: green-land, rain and leprechaun.

-Why I have a blog? 

Easy! I love challenges. Now: how can a blog be challenging?
I’m an inconstant person but I do recognise a pattern in everything I do:
-EXCITEMENT when I literally run into new things
-IT’ OK moment arrives when I think I know it all…and this phase is dramatically followed by:
-I CAN’T DO IT! Where I actually convince myself I can’t do it either because is too hard and I don’t want to go the extra mile or because I don’t see any improvement.
SO, yess! I want to take the commitment once and DO THIS BLOG.DO THIS BLOG.DO THIS…
I thought that it would have been a good way to stay organised and break that scheme dedicating more time to my passion and improve my bad English! (I’m so sorry for any grammar and spelling mistake I’ll, for sure, do in my posts).

-What I wrote about ?!? 

Did I say “travels”?
Since January 2015, what before was a completely new and unknown term to me, it turns to be my GREATEST passion and obsession.
In my blog, I’ll take you with me in my everyday life-journey.
By the way…I’m Gaia, a little crazy dreamer from Italy.

If you want to know more about me, here it is my first blog’s post and a little intro to…’my story’

-Chi sono?

Bene, sono ancora alla ricerca di una risposta…ma, nel frattempo sono una studentessa di Spagnolo e Geografia alla facoltà di lettere alla NUI a Galway, in questo meraviglioso paese chiamato: Irlanda.

-Perché ho un blog?

Facile! Mi piacciono le sfide. Sono una persona decisamente incostante, infatti inizio sempre ogni cosa molto motivata,  ma poi…lascio tutto quello che ho fatto così facilmente! Ho pensato che un blog mi avrebbe aiutata a stare organizzata, e dedicare più tempo alle mie passioni e migliorare il mio pessimo Inglese!

-Quali sono le mie passioni?!?


Ho già detto “viaggiare”?

Da gennaio 2015, quello che prima era un termine estraneo e sconosciuto, è diventato la mia passione ed ossessione.

A proposito…Sono Gaia, piccola pazza sognatrice dall’Italia.


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