Leibster Award

I’m so excited about this post and everything related to it! Because the Award has strict rules it could seems an automated post, but I swear it’s interesting…for instance: what about 11 interesting facts about me?! (Such as my craziest moment while travelling!) The Rules 1.Thank the person who nominated you, and post a link … More Leibster Award


Barcelona… In my honest opinion I realised that the city’s name comes before the city itself! Let me explain: I appreciate my stay in BCN but, for me, it is overrated. Everybody in the world knows Parque Guell, Barcelona’s beaches and the genial and complex Gaudi’s architectures, nothing to say about that, indeed you can only … More Barcelona

How to survive in Vask Country 

Not exactly an ‘Ultimate guide to…‘ because due to work I still have to travel around; but after 10 days, I clearly understand that I knew nothing about this autonomous  community in northern Spain. let’s try to fill the void! Little bit of history Euskal Herrin (Vask Country) is a nationality itself within Spain from 25th October 1979, composed of three provinces: Alava, Biscay … More How to survive in Vask Country