What happened?!? 

It is been a long long time since my last blog’s post (dated 30 June!!), I am so sorry!  What happened?!?  One of my dreams came true! The 22nd of August I received an email from CAO (the application office for universities in Ireland) telling me that I received an offer from NUI Galway. I … More What happened?!? 

Leibster Award

I’m so excited about this post and everything related to it! Because the Award has strict rules it could seems an automated post, but I swear it’s interesting…for instance: what about 11 interesting facts about me?! (Such as my craziest moment while travelling!) The Rules 1.Thank the person who nominated you, and post a link … More Leibster Award

Mi sono persa! 

Questo era il mio piano. Facile vero?! Bene…i viaggi, la vita e gli errori ti insegnano “la dura lezione”: le cose non vanno sempre secondo i piani! Imparalo velocemente e non resterai mai più deluso…! Ad essere onesti, l’ho presa poco sul serio, molto poco sul serio. Pensavo che le mie poche scalate in montagna … More Mi sono persa! 

I got lost!

This was my plan. EASY isn’t it?! Well… travels, life and mistakes teach you the hard lesson: things don’t always go according to plans! learn it fast and you’ll never be disappointed again…! I really took it easy, to be honest, way too easy. I thought my few mountain hiking were enough to cope with … More I got lost!


Barcelona… In my honest opinion I realised that the city’s name comes before the city itself! Let me explain: I appreciate my stay in BCN but, for me, it is overrated. Everybody in the world knows Parque Guell, Barcelona’s beaches and the genial and complex Gaudi’s architectures, nothing to say about that, indeed you can only … More Barcelona